Friday, September 8, 2017

Finally Friday Challenge # 25

This Fridays challenge is " Salt" yep that's right let's try making a background using salt.
here's what you do.
Take a piece of water color paper
 use an aqua painter or brush and drench the paper with water

Then paint the paper with your ink

Keep covering the paper until you get 90% or all of it colored. I left the bottoms of mine clear.

 Tip the paper up and let the water run off

 Then lay your creation down and sprinkle salt on it, as much or as little as you want.

Experiment here, make a few.
 When the paper is dry and I mean FULLY dry, brush the salt off and you end up with a beautiful background. The salt absorbs the water and ink leaving a unique look. sometimes it will leave like a crystal look. You can use regular salt, Epsom salt or sea salt.

Heres 2 cards I did using  salt back grounds

Ok your turn, lets see your salt backgrounds.

Phyllis has tried our "salt" technique.
Fantastic Job!
Phyllis, Anne Marie said your card is awesome. She never thought of using more than one color and she's going to re-visit this technique and do more.

Anne Maries Cards..
Beautifully done !

Who else wants to play along???

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