Friday, May 5, 2017

Finally Friday Challenge # 11

Vellum is so versatile. There's so many things you can do with it. Lets see what YOU can do with it.
 Here's my versions.

I used white embossing powder on the vellum, cut my flower and butterfly out and added a little color to them.

Now if you need some ideas.
On my cards above I embossed white embossing powder on the vellum and cut my images out but you can also....
emboss your vellum with an embossing folder giving it a pretty effect.

Another idea, you can punch out a flower or image, flip it over. I used a embossing tool but you can use anything with a hard point. Make sure its not a piercing point but a soft round point. EX: end of a spoon, a pen cap etc.
after you have embossed your image on the vellum, flip it over and you will see the pretty effect you made.

YOUR turn, go have fun!

Our First Player 
Anne Marie
Beautiful Job !
 Anne Marie did vellum stamped over a light green card stock
Simply BEAUTIFUL !!!

Who"s Next ?

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