Friday, May 19, 2017

Finally Friday Challenge # 13

Finally Friday Challenge # 13

Foiled again

Yep that's with foil or foil card stock.
Any color foil card stock and if you don't have foil card stock use foil paper. You can adhere it to card stock and come up with the same effect.

Emboss the foil
Color the foil
use punches or dies and cut out the foil
possibilities are endless.

Here's my card with a few different views because it's shinny and hard to photo.

I choose to emboss and color the foil. It looked pretty but was quit busy so I only added a simple butterfly. I didn't add  any thing else to the front so I can actually make this card into anything i want. birthday, get well etc.

 A dear friend Anne Marie's cards
She did two cards and showing insides as well.
Fantastic Job!!

2 comments: said...

Wow, these are beautiful, I love such challenges as you can see creativity of different people in single platform. Thank you for sharing it

Diane said...

Thanks, you should play along with us. you can email me a picture of your card and i'll post them