Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finally Friday challenge # 15

Finally Friday Challenge with an added tutorial

I love the look of wood so make a card using a wood look. you can use a Wood Stamp, Wood designer paper OR make your own wood looking back ground and I have instructions for that below.
My first card I used a wood stamp for the back ground and the second one I made my wood looking background.
I use the same flower stamp for both so you can see how different they look.
With a wood background, it was already kinda busy so I kept the images and embellishments simple.

This card I stamped directly over the background stamp and colored the flower

This card I stamped the flower on a separate piece of card stock and cut it out

Which do YOU like? Personally I love them both.


Here's how to make your own wood background

you will need 2 to 3 shades of brown. light to dark ( I used 2)
a ruler and black marker
With the lightest color, just swipe the pad over your paper lightly.
lines wont be perfect and that is good 
 Next take the next darkest color and do the same. 
 With your ruler and dark marker add the lines. horizontally  should be  about the same distance apart
Vertically space them randomly as shown below
 Last just add dots for the nails.
and your done !

YOUR turn...Go for it !!

Anne Marie has played and made this cute adorable mouse card. She also did the full challenge and made her own wood.

SOOOOO cute !!!!

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