Thursday, June 22, 2017

Floral Statement Stamp Set


I am LOVING this set. I hope they come out with more like this. If you do not have any shading talent this set is perfect for you. If you can shade it will only enhance the image.

Floral Statements Clear-Mount Stamp Set144701
Large detailed images will give a big impact with a delicate softness at the same time. Makes a solid impact as they are, or perfect for trying all the different coloring tools Stampin' Up! has to offer.

Our clear-mount stamps
* Are made of the same premium rubber as our wood-mount stamps.
* Have deeply etched images so you get a superior stamped impression each time.
* Are precut so you don't have to trim.
* Are repositionable; temporarily mount them on clear blocks for stamping, then remove them for storage.
* Save space—you need only one set of blocks for all your clear-mount stamps (blocks sold separately).
* Come packaged in cases with images on the spine for easy storage and quick reference.

Quantity: 2 rubber stamps


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Boat Parts said...

great mount stamp set and the price is reasonable too. do you have other things that you are planning on selling. i mean you have got class

Diane said...

Thanks for the nice words..I will have my etsy shop re-opened soon